MVP Atom Neutron SPECIAL EDITION Heart of Chains Putt & Approach

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Our hearts skipped a beat with the latest Special Edition Neutron Atom. The Heart of the Chains represents our love of the sport with this stunning triple-foil stamp by MVP Art Director ZAM. With the beating heart at its core, orbiting chains, and electrifying accents, this anatomical atomic diagram brings raw elemental feeling with a technical edge. The Atom putter is a fan favorite, and combining the premium Neutron material with the multi-foil stamp makes this Special Edition a must get disc for all GYRO® fans.
The Atom is a straight flyer with enormous potential off the tee and on long approaches. Right off the shelf, the Atom has a neutral stability with just a bit of fade. In premium GYRO™ plastics the Atom will retain its neutral stability indefinitely. In Electron baseline plastic the Atom will wear in to an extremely straight and floaty putter, with extra tactile feedback inside the circle or in adverse weather.


This disc comes in MVP's Neutron Plastic which is a premium material offering a durable and grippy feel. It shares the great durability characteristics of Proton and is comes in easy-to-find colors in any given terrain.
Atom Model Specs
Class: 10mm Putt & Approach
Weights: 150g - 175g
Diameter: 21.1cm
Rim width: 10mm
PDGA max weight: 175.1g