****NEW**** Innova Firebird Champion Color Glow with Nate Sexton 2020 Tour Series Stamp

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Champion Glow Firebird Nate Sexton
(2020 Tour Series)
Nate Sexton has relied on the stability and grip of this special Glow Firebird. These Firebirds have a very minor dome & are softer than your average Champion Glow disc to accommodate Nate's performance needs. A substantial portion of each sale will benefit Nate Sexton and his touring efforts.
The Firebird is our most popular upwind distance driver. The Firebird’s combination of superior speed and stability make it possible to throw drives into the wind with confidence. An excellent disc for throwing long range flex shots. A favorite of sidearm and overhead throwers, too. This disc is designed for professional level players.
This disc comes in Innova Colored Glow Champion plastic, which is a limited edition funraiser plastic that combines stylish appeareance with glow in the dark. If you're looking for a stylish all purpose plastic that is effective for both day and night play.
***All firebirds are penned 173-175g**
***Individual photos are taken to show the actual disc being purchased;
however, this plastic has proven to be more tricky than others to photograph. 
Please note the actual shade of plastic may be slightly lighter or darker than appears in the photograph.***