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***NEW*** Axiom Eclipse Crave w/ Halloween Skeleton Special Edition Stamp by ZAM

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Axiom fans with a craving for more glow plastic, rejoice! Eclipse™ Glow Proton Craves are here! The Eclipse Crave made its first appearance in an event exclusive players pack for the 2019 MVP Open Am Side and was an immediate hit with fans!  The Eclipse Crave demonstrates the consistently straight-to-stable flight it's known for in other premium blends, only now with UV-activated glow cores. Charge the core of an Eclipse Crave for a bright glow that will keep your game going as the days get shorter and glow season kicks off!
Speed: 6.5 | Glide: 5 | Turn: -1 | Fade: 1
It wouldn’t be Halloween without a Special Spooky Edition from Axiom! The tradition continues for 2019 with a beautiful Eclipse™ Glow Crave featuring a triple-foil stamp by ZAM. Mirroring the classic symmetrical vibe found in Axiom artwork, we have a spooky skeleton going through the motions of high-velocity eternal arm removal. The reach back and pull-through are on point, but throwing your arm off is just poor form. Cobwebs round out the design for a nice balance of old and new. All cores are Eclipse Glow Proton, as per usual for Axiom’s take on Eclipse, along with a mix of standard Axiom rim colors. Sleeping on this one would be a surefire seven holes of bad luck, so get your order in today!
Weights: 155 - 175g