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***NEW*** Axiom Special Edition Neutron Delirium Distance Driver

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  • $18

The Special Edition Neutron Delirium gets to the heart of the matter with a simple literal take on the word “delirium”. A sudden state of mental confusion and emotional distress sure sounds like disc flight to us! This triple-foil piece by ZAM captures a sequence of throwing, flight, and an ace all at once. Elements cycle through foils in a dizzying swirl while objects blend into one another with a surreal twist. Get a grip on reality before grabbing this Delirium SE… you’re gonna need both!
This disc comes in Axiom's Neutron Plastic which is a premium material offering a durable and grippy feel. It shares the great durability characteristics of Proton and is comes in easy-to-find colors in any given terrain.  
Available Weights: 170 - 175g
***This disc is exactly as pictured!!**