Innova RocX3 Star Midrange 2017 Halloween Limited Edition Stamped

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When planning this year’s Pumpkin, the 21st edition, Matt Peckham, one of Innova’s graphic artists, said it was all about coming up with something fresh. “This year I tried to utilize our XXL stamp to make a Pumpkin that was a unique spin on the Pumpkin line. I’m pretty happy with the result,” said Peckham.

Every year, Innova’s Pumpkin disc release is highly sought after from disc golf collectors nationwide. It’s a Halloween tradition that’s just the right amount of spooky and this year’s release is one of the most popular Pumpkin harvests to date.


Throw with power. Take on the wind. Trust the RocX3.

Thirty years after we first launched the Roc, we introduce our most torque-resistant version yet, the RocX3. We’ve given our legendary disc a low profile and a hefty rim to create extra control, making it the ideal Mid-Range for windy conditions and forehand throws. Power players will love the control. X-Factor fueled, the evolution continues. RocX3.


Diameter: 21.8 cm

Rim Width: 1.4 cm

Best Choice for: Strong headwind mid-range shots, accurate spike hyzer approaches, overstable mid-range shots