Axiom Tantrum Neutron John Dorn Artist Series Stamped Distance Driver

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Neutron Tantrum - Axiom Artist Series featuring John Dorn
Axiom Discs continues a tradition of stunning guest artwork with the new Axiom Artist Series Neutron Tantrum featuring legendary stamp artist John Dorn. This Special Edition triple-foil stamp is ready to be your next distance machine or wall hanger. John’s unique ability to capture depth, motion, and texture shine in this precision stamped multi-foil piece, showing that Axiom’s proprietary hotstamping technology truly brings out the best in disc golf’s best artists. This friendly all weather robot isn’t panicking -- with a trusty towel and disc in hand, it is ready to launch the new max distance driver from Axiom.

Let it all out on the course and throw a Tantrum! The Tantrum debuts the new 24.5mm class of Axiom distance drivers starting in premium Neutron plastic. This large-rimmed driver debuts in the 170-174g weight range and is the fastest Axiom model. Its straight to stable flights are designed for maximum distance drives. The Tantrum has enough stability to shape long S-turning lines that finish with a fade while remaining neutral enough to activate with moderate arm speed. The Tantrum is best described as a longer Defy, with huge glide and distance potential. Don’t throw a fit this spring, throw a Tantrum, the new max-distance driver from Axiom!


This disc comes in Axiom's Neutron Plastic which is a premium material offering a durable and grippy feel. It shares the great durability characteristics of Proton and is comes in easy-to-find colors in any given terrain.  


Tantrum Model Specs
Class: 24.5mm Distance Driver
Weights: 165g - 174g
Diameter: 21.1cm
Rim width: 24.5mm



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