Discmania FD3 Swirly S-Line Fairway Driver with Doom Bird 3 Simon Lizotte Signature Series Stamp

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Doom Bird 3 - Simon Lizotte Signature Swirly S-line FD3

The Doom Bird is back, and this time it’s back with vengeance!

Discmania presents Simon Lizotte's Signature Swirl S-line FD3, The Doom Bird 3. 

The FD3 is Discmania’s most overstable Fairway Driver. These very special FD3’s come with the amazing Swirly S-line plastic and the very cool Doom Bird stamp will likely be a popular collector item for years to come.

These discs is produced in Discmania's Swirly S-line Plasticwhich is one of the most sought after plastic in Discmania’s line up. Swirl S-line plastic is a mix of colors usually displaying one of the majestic discs you have ever seen. When it comes to grip and durability, it has the same consistency as normal S-line plastic, but they are so much fun to show off to other players. Perfect for all players alike.With the Doom Bird II ready to control the skies, there’s a rumbling in the distance and electricity in the air as Discmania looks to keep the best of the best coming for the Year of the Shield. 

Each disc sold benefits Simon in his touring efforts across the globe!


**All 175g!**

***Disc will be exactly as pictured!!**