Axiom Thrill Neutron Distance Driver

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  • The Thrill is an Overstable Distance Driver
Introducing the Thrill, the overstable bomber in the Axiom 21.5mm distance driver trio.  The Thrill will be workably overstable for just about any arm, with strong resistance to turn even in strong headwinds.  

As a 21.5mm class GYRO™ driver, the Thrill is designed to hit a midpoint of stability between two MVP Disc Sports models, the Phase and Photon.  The Thrill will debut in grippy opaque dual-color Neutron plastic.

The new Axiom Discs 21.5mm Distance Driver class features three discs, with Thrill being the most overstable offering.  Each of the Axiom models is designed to fit right in between the MVP 21.5mm models, forming a seven disc stability spectrum of high speed driver options to meet any player's needs.

The Axiom 21.5mm class has been extremely well received with the Defy and Vanish, and the Thrill's more power-hungry stability profile will make it a big seller with more serious players.  

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    This disc comes in Axiom's Neutron Plastic which is a premium material offering a durable and grippy feel. It shares the great durability characteristics of Proton and is comes in easy-to-find colors in any given terrain.
    Thrill Model Specs
    Class: 21.5mm Distance Driver
    Weights: 175g - 155g
    Diameter: 21.1cm
    Rim width: 21.5mm
    PDGA max weight: 175.1g