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Birdie Bag

Birdie Bag - Small

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The Birdie Bag has become a staple in disc golf.

Grip, touch and feel are very essential in the game. Perspiration or a wet golf disc can wreak havoc with your throw. Birdie bags are the solution.

These cloth bags are filled with a super absorbent thirsty blend of kiln dried hardwood powder. The particles grow two to three times their size to absorb unwanted moisture and oils from your hands and golf discs without leaving a sticky residue.

Simply pat the Birdie Bag on your hands or equipment and wipe off excess for a natural feeling dry grip. Similar to resin bags used by baseball pitchers, they take the moisture without leaving a residue. They are great and a must have to use during rainy or humid conditions!!!

Used by top disc golf pros including US and World Champions