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Discmania DD P-line Distance Driver

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Sometimes you are looking too hard for something right in front of you.

The DD was Discmania's first distance driver. It is one of the hidden gems of the lineup and suits many players as their workhorse distance driver. The DD is fast but very accurate and predictable for its speed due to the stability it offers.

If you are still looking for your go-to driver, take a look outside the bestsellers too. The DD can surprise many players after all these years.

Good for: Long drives, hyzer shots, flicks, for advanced and pro players.


Name: DD Hysteria

Approved: 2008

Diameter: 21.1 cm

Max Weight: 175.1g

Height: 1.6 cm

Wing Width: 2.2 cm


Flight Numbers: 11, 5, 0, 2


This disc comes in Discmania's P-Line Plastic, which has great feel and added glide. Easily one of the grippiest plastic type out there. Reveals new features in your disc when worn down. Typically a bit more understable plastic type comparing to S- and C-line.



***Disc will be exactly as pictured!***