Discmania P2 Glow C-Line Putter

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The P2 is significantly more stable than its older brother the P1. Targeted especially for pro-players the P2 works great for wrist-putts and fade-in shots inside and outside the circle. Due to it’s stability the P2 works great for approaches and can even tackle strong headwinds. It is also a very consistent driving putter.
One of Discmania's most popular putters is the P2 Psycho. This disc is slightly overstable and has little issues fighting through light headwinds. After being added to your bag the P2 can handle putting and also approach shots. This disc is the choice of many pro players, as well as beginners. Throw the P2 on your desired line and watch it fly straight and fade slightly at the end.

This disc comes in Discmania's Glow C-Line, which offer a very durable blend of C-line plastic that glows in the dark. Currently only reserved for fundraising projects & specialty discs.

Discmania's C-Line plastic is their most durable plastic – these discs wear down very slowly. C-Line discs retain original flight characteristics for an extended period of time. Whether used in heavily wooded situations, or on extremely rugged courses, the C-Line plastic will continue to perform predictably and avoid damage better than any other plastic. Good grip and showstopper see-through look. Typically the most stable blend of plastic in our line.