Discraft Buzzz Z Line Nate Doss Tour Series Midrange

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About Discraft Tour Series discs:
Discraft Tour Series signature discs honor, celebrate and support some of the players who take professional disc golf above and beyond the realm of mere mortals. These are the players who astound and amaze, and these are the discs they win with. Many have added pearlescence or other visual enhancements, and all help to support the touring efforts of some of the world's most skillful players.

About the Buzzz:
More players agree: Buzzz is the best golf disc you can buy, period. It's an ultra-dependable, straight flying midrange that you'll reach for again and again. Throw it hard and versatile Buzzz will hold any line you put it on. Discraft's 30-year reputation for consistency means that if you lose it, just pull out a new one and you're back in business.




  • Discraft Nate Doss 3X Tour Series Z Buzzz
  • Looks amazing and supports the player
  • Tour Series Z discs always look cool and may include sparkle, pearlescence or other visual enhancements
  • No weight or color choices for this product. All weights are heavy.
  • Stability Rating: 0.5


This disc comes in Disccraft’s Z Line Plastic, which has the highest durability and vibrant translucent colors. It is the choice for pros under normal conditions for slow seasoning.


**Disc color(s) will vary depending on what's in stock.**