Discraft Comet Titanium Midrange

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If you own only one disc, this is it. The legendary Comet™ is a super accurate, straight flying approach disc. The venerable Comet is like a favorite pair of old shoes: trustworthy and comfortable. Need to go 300 feet on a straight line? Reach for a Comet.


Stability Rating:           0.0

Best For:                      All Conditions

Notes:                          Perhaps the best disc ever made. Super accurate from any                                             distance.


This disc comes in Discraft's Titatanium Plastic, which recently received a facelift. Discraft has been working with leading plastic chemists to create an improved polymer-based composite with additives. The results is the NEW Titanium line by Discraft. With greater durability, improved strength, better grip and it's decorated with a 2 color stock design. The 2018 versions will showcase the new   Universal Four Flight Number System with the current Discraft Stability Rating.