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Dynamic Discs Criminal Fuzion - Hunt Valley Country Club 2017 Fall Disc Golf Open Stamp

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"Bad company corrupts good morals" has been proven true through the ages. However, Dynamic Discs is bringing you a Criminal that you are going to want to get to know. With more glide than the Felon and more stability than the Convict, this Criminal is exactly what you need to assault your high scores. The fairway driver that will be able to trust to cover the ground necessary without giving up the stability you need for confident throws. Befriend this Criminal and you will start to do some bad things to your course. 

Speed: 10

Glide: 3

Turn: 1

Fade: 4 

Max Weight: 175g 


This Disc comes in Dynamic Discs Fuzion Plastic, which combines the durability of Lucid with an advanced polymer to provide players with additional grip. It is a non-transparent blend of plastic that is slightly more durable than the Lucid version. 


Disc comes with the "Hunt Valley Country Club 2017 Fall Disc Golf Open" stamp. These were stamped for the first Disc Golf tournament held on the Ridge 9 Disc Golf Course at the Hunt Valley Country Club. This tournament was presented by us, Daddy Disc Golf.


***This disc comes EXACTLY as pictured!**