Innova Mystere Gstar Distance Driver

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The Mystere was used in player packs in 2015 in Champion Plastic and was Innova's newest Speed 11 Distance Driver at the time. Similar to an Archon with an extra glide gear, this friendly flyer promises long turns and smooth fade.

Diameter: 21.1 cm

Rim Width: 2.1 cm


Best Choice for: Shot shaping off the tee, Controlled distance


This disc comes in Innova's GStar PlasticGStar is a blend of Star that adds flexibility and even more grip. GStar is opaque like Star, but features a pearlescent sheen. Their allure is only surpassed by their beautiful flight. GStar discs have a smooth, gradual transition in flight and the same durability as our Star line. For cold weather play the flexibility and grip of GStar cannot be beaten, and even when the weather warms up GStar still retains similar flexibility.


  • Most comfortable and enhanced grip
  • GREAT for cold weather play
  • Ideal for those with less grip strength
  • Same durability of Star plastic with added flexibility.
  • Retains flight characteristics longer than DX or Pro Plastics
  • Looks amazing


**This disc comes EXACTLY as pictured**