Innova Rhyno Galactic XT Space Force Stamped Putt & Approach

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The first question that comes to mind about the Space Force Galactic Innova Rhyno is likely: Does it stamp out space fires? The answer is an emphatic yes along with stamping out alien evil doers and unnecessary bogeys.

Alert! Get first dibs at the Rhyno disc in Galactic XT plastic or any XT plastic for that matter.

*** A Marm O. Set design

How this batch of Rhyno disc feels: Sticky XT grip. Moderate stiffness and softness. Make your fingers and your short game happy with this overstable putter.

Dome Gauge: 170-175 ranges from pretty flat to noticeable dome. 160-169 are all pretty flat.

More about the design: So, where’s this battle ready Rhyno rushing off to anyway? Defending humankind from the seedy underbelly of the universe, of course.

“When was the last time you saw aliens harvesting humans on earth?” asked artist Marm O. Set. “You haven’t! That’s because the Galactic Rhyno is doing his job.”

Just like the blunt, busting-through-obstacles disc, The Space Force Innova Rhyno doesn’t take no for an answer when it comes busting malevolent alien heads. Marm O. Set added that the goal here was to show the Rhyno, a favorite putter of his from early in his disc golf career, tearing through space in a comic book fashion. He believes the Space Force Rhyno could be expanded into a whole universe of similar interstellar characters.

Design Nuggets: The Rhyno logo on the animal’s upper leg was a take on the US Space Force logo.

More about the Innova Rhyno: Among the best throwing putters around, The Innova Rhyno is great for players with power and is a must-have disc for all skill levels facing windy up shots and putts. The Rhyno’s Thumtrac™ gives it a sure grip and reliable performance in any situation.