MVP Tesla Fission Distance Driver with Special Edition Tesla Coil Zam Stamp

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The usual nerves were present, but this time it’s different. The switch is there, waiting to be flipped, but what remains on the other side? Not just success or failure but this time, perhaps this very time, it is the future the lies behind *deep breath*. Let there be birdies *flip*!
Presenting the Fission Tesla SE - Dark Energy from ZAM! This jaw-dropping stamp is something we’ve been sitting on for a while, waiting for our stamping prowess to catch up to it! Keen observers might recognize this from a Macro Tesla SE back in the day, but now it will have its rightful place on a Fission Tesla! By combining a tesla coil and a basket, this SE is a true synthesis of MVP’s science and disc golf ethos, and will be an excellent addition to anyone’s bag or wall!
The Tesla is a stable-overstable distance driver.
    The Tesla's responsive design balances a subtle turn and reliable fade, while a pronounced glide and forward finish gain extra distance. The Tesla extends high power or headwind lines and has plenty of bite to fade back reliably and reduce lateral drift. The Tesla can be considered the big brother to our acclaimed Volt fairway driver. Choose the Tesla for long-range pinpoint accuracy.
    This disc comes in MVP's Fission Plastic which offers a Microbuble Technology which produces an ultralight core with evenly distributed and imperceptible weight reduction microbubbles. It is an entirely new type of lightweight disc with a substantial feel never before seen in the sport. The weight distribution, stability, and durability of prior "bubble" discs are all improved upon by Fission.
    Tesla Model Specs
    Class: 20mm Distance Driver
    Weights: 155g - 173g
    Diameter: 21.1cm
    Rim width: 20mm
    PDGA max weight: 174.3g