Axiom Cosmic Neutron Insanity Artist Series w/ Craig Patterson Stamped Distance Driver

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Cosmic swirls have made their way to Axiom drivers - the Insanity is now available in Cosmic Neutron plastic! With the hallmark colored rims of Axiom, the popular Insanity now has a nigh endless combination of colors thanks to the unique swirls of Cosmic Neutron. Shape some insane lines and look great while doing it, pick up an Insanity in Cosmic Neutron today!
We couldn’t be happier with this one, folks; the Axiom Artist Series is back with an original Craig Patterson (Absorb81) stamp. Perfectly channeling the chaos inherent in the disc’s name, all while mastering the unique challenges of designing a stamp for Cosmic Neutron - this SE is truly a sight to behold. Whether you’re displaying at home or throwing at the course, the Axiom Artist Series SE Insanity will definitely be a conversation starter. A perfect marriage of art, plastic, and disc - the Axiom Artist Series SE Insanity is not one to be missed.