Discmania Evolution GEO Origin Midrange

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The Origin is the small diameter midrange driver with big potential. The smooth rounded feel of the nose provides an excellent feel in hand paired with a gentle false bead to add just a touch of stability. Players will enjoy the tacky plastic that Neo offers and superb gliding ability when thrown at any speed. 

This new understable midrange is the first understable midrange in the Discmania line up. It’s been asked for for years, and we’re very excited about the final result.

The Origin is a slightly smaller diameter midrange which makes the maximum weight just 177 grams. Combined with the smaller rim, it is very easy to hold and can help give you great control on the course.

The -1 turn rating and 1 fade rating helps make this a very straight flying and controllable midrange. It is very accurate in short range shots, but can be a workhorse off the teepad.


This is also the first time that we’re releasing discs in the new GEO plastic. It is a bit softer than EXO plastic, but with better grip. Each disc in the Evolution Starter Set comes in GEO plastic. All discs in the GEO line are a little less stable than their premium plastic (NEO and LUX) counterparts.

While discs in GEO plastic will be available for purchase at a later date, it will be exclusive to the Evolution Starter Set for now.