*****NEW***** Discmania Neo Essence Understable Fairway Driver with Jeff Ash Custom Dye

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Every disc golf bag needs to have a disc that not only brings you confidence when you throw it, but can also help you execute those finesse shots that require that special touch. That disc can’t be too overstable and it also can’t be too understable. You need the right mix to lead to the utmost control on the course. That is exactly what you’ll get with the new Discmania Neo Essence—the latest fairway driver in our Evolution line.


The Essence is an understable fairway driver that can easily become a do-anything type driver in your bag. You can take a little power off of it and let it naturally work its way down the fairway or you can release it on a slight hyzer angle and let it flip up and fly straight. Plus, without much effort at all you can execute some great anhyzer drives with the Essence. Once you learn what it naturally wants to do, you can really make the Essence work for you.

Naturally, a disc like the Essence will be a great option for beginning disc golfers, but that doesn’t mean that stronger arms can’t get more out of it. The rounded nose on the Essence allows for great roller shots. The understable flight also brings added control for those tight drives or to get you out of trouble.