Innova KC Pro Roc XXL Zen Stamped Midrange

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Everyone should have an Innova KC Pro Roc in their bag - and now you can have one with the epic XXL Zen Series design.

How this batch feels / other details: Most are quite grippy for KC Pro plastic. Noticeable Dome. This one will stay in your bag for a long time.

More about this stamp design by Marm O. Set: After doing several other Zen Series designs like the LeopardShryke, and Wraith, we thought it would be awesome to see a few Roc birds encircling each other in the familiar Zen, yin-yang like pose. Looking as if these two predators are fighting over prey, you can imagine terribly loud screeches and feathers the size of couches floating the ground.

More about the Roc: KC Pro Rocs are made from a special blend of Pro plastic and like many Innova discs, these age incredibly well. This disc is very adaptable and used for a plethora of shots. A favorite among pros.


***This disc comes in 2 colors & 11 different stamp variations - ALL are penned 180g. Exact disc color may vary slightly from photograph.***