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Streamline Cosmic Neutron Trace Distance Driver w/ SE Cosmic Trace of Spades Stamp

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Streamline - Cosmic Neutron Trace - SE Cosmic Trace of Spades
Streamline’s premier distance driver is ready for its closeup - the Trace is now available in Cosmic Neutron! Fans of the Trace’s pure flight will appreciate the unique combo of multi-color swirls, all-weather grip, and high-level durability that Cosmic Neutron offers.

Performance and beauty, all in one fan favorite disc - the Cosmic Neutron Trace is going to be turning a lot of heads on the course.
*Ground Control to Major ZAM, can you hear me Major ZAM? We are picking up some strange readings down here - is that an ace … in space?*

YES! Fan favorite artist ZAM is back to continue his beloved playing cards series with the Cosmic Trace of Spades! Seek out new birdies and boldly go for that albatross with this gorgeous triple foil take on a space-themed ace of spades card. Looking equally as good in a bag or on a wall, the cosmos awaits for those brave enough to venture out, and the Cosmic Trace of Spades will make a perfect companion!
This disc comes in Streamline's NEW Cosmic Neutron Plastic, which is a stunning blend of our most premium materials with eye-popping waves of color emitting from the disc's nucleus. Cosmic Neutron uses our new multi-color injection technology to create the widest spectrum of color options ever produced by Streamline along with the grip and durability fans love in our traditional Neutron blends. Cosmic Neutron has a kaleidoscopic array of multi-color combinations never before seen in disc golf with multiple distinct colors colliding and making each disc unique to the cosmos!