Axiom Mayhem Proton Distance Driver

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***Official Release Date: 09/01/17***

The Mayhem is now available in vibrant candy Proton plastic!  This 23mm straight-stable driver was an instant success in its Neutron debut, revered for its ability to resist turn and respond to precise launch angles while maintaining a high level of glide.  Mayhem has a mild dome like others in the MVP/Axiom 23mm class, allowing it to carry far while its GYRO™-enhanced stability resists wind and over-torque turnover.  The Proton Mayhem looks awesome with the vibrant neon effects of candy plastic in its wide rim and dual color configuration, and Proton gives this mold a bit firmer feel to the plate for those who prefer it.


Class: 23mm Distance Driver
Weights: 165g - 175g
Diameter: 21.1cm
Rim width: 23mm
PDGA max weight: 176g

This disc comes in Axiom's Proton Plastic offers a premium look and performance material in transparent candy colors. This high durability plastic is designed for a long consistent life capable of withstanding the roughest conditions.