Axiom Envy ECLIPSE GLOW CORE Putt & Approach

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Official Release Date: 10/19/18

 Axiom - Eclipse Glow Envy

Glow season is upon us and the eclipse has reached the Axiom lineup for the first time with the Eclipse Glow Envy! The Eclipse Envy shares its flight characteristics with the Proton variant, being the most stable Envy and a beloved putter off of the tee. Axiom Eclipse features a slightly opaque glow core rather than the glow rim seen in the MVP Eclipse line. The glow core combined with Axiom’s colorful rim creates multiple striking color combinations. Axiom Eclipse plastic has all of the feel and durability of traditional Proton plastic but with a slightly gummy texture and a brilliant bright glow.
Speed: 3 | Glide: 3 | Turn: 0 | Fade: 2
This disc comes in, Axiom's Eclipse Glow Core Plastic, which has the following characteristics:
  • Glow CORE unlike MVP Eclipse
  • Vibrant opaque Axiom GYRO® rim
  • Designed for visibility day or night
  • High durability for a long consistent life
You can watch the official Daddy Disc Golf Review of this disc here: