Streamline Pilot Eclipse Putt & Approach

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Streamline is getting ready to GLOW with Streamline Eclipse Glow Pilots!  
The Streamline Eclipse Pilot combines the popular straight flying putter with durable Streamline Eclipse Proton Plastic. This is the first look at Streamline Glow plastic, which demonstrates Streamnline's new colorful range of UV light-activated plastics. The Eclipse Pilot features a stock triple-foil stamp, depicting a parallel universe re-imagination of a single pilot Mercury Spacecraft! The flight of the Eclipse Stock Pilots is consistent with the other Streamline Premium Pilots, but now with added Glow! For a deadly accurate approach putter this glow season, get the Streamline Eclipse Pilot!
Speed: 2 | Glide: 5 | Turn: 0 | Fade: 1

This disc comes in the all new, Streamline Eclipse Proton Plastic, which is a blend of Streamline Proton plastic with a new color glow blend! Hit these discs with some light and they will carry a bright glow to keep the game alive after dark. Streamline Eclipse Proton plastic is a highly durable blend for a consistent flight round after round.