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Streamline Discs Trace Protron FIRST RUN WINGS STAMP Distance Driver

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***Official release date is: 03/31/17***


Introducing the Neutron Trace, the debut solo-mold distance driver from Streamline Discs.  Streamline Neutron is a grippy opaque premium plastic featuring a 3-foil stock stamp.  Official flight ratings for the Trace are Speed: 11, Glide: 5, Turn: -1, Fade 2.  Like all Streamline models, the Trace has engraving on the underside of its wing for the model name, Streamline logo, and PDGA Approved logo.


The Trace has a manageable 21mm rim width and straight-stable flight that places it squarely in the Speed 11 Power Straight market. The Trace's moderate dome is smooth and even, with a shoulder and depth that yields excellent glide. Most players will be able to stand the Trace up on a hyzerflip, but the Trace will soak up plenty of power before being pushed off its straight line. Its ending fade is smooth but dependable for easy ranging.


This Neutron Trace will receive a collectible First Run stamp treatment with the Streamline Wings stamp.  This 3-foil stamp depicts a large Streamline Discs logo, which is based on vintage pilot's wings. 


All Wings stamps are produced with metallic green, silver, and black foils.  This clean and sophisticated look takes the classic bar-stamp logo to new aesthetic heights and celebrates the first production run of a Streamline Discs model and plastic pairing.


Trace Model Specs
Speed: 11
Glide: 5
Turn: -1
Fade: 2

This disc comes in Streamline's Proton Plastic offers a premium look and performance material in transparent candy colors. This high durability plastic is designed for a long consistent life capable of withstanding the roughest conditions.