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Westside Discs Swan 2 BT Hard Putt & Approach

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The Swan 1 was our original putter and it would fly straight for anyone right of the shelf. Since we had such good feedback we decided to produce the Swan 2, the exact same feel as a Swan with a better flight. The Swan 2 holds the line a little better and can be used in the wind with success. The Swan 1 was designed to give lower arm speeds a straighter putting line, the Swan 2 will give all players that long straight putt they have been looking for on the course.


Speed: 3

Glide: 3

Turn: -1

Fade 0

This disc comes in Westside's BT Hard Plastic, which is the final of Westside's BT line. It was designed to give the user that firmer feel while maintaining a tacky grip. Great for warm climates, the BT Hard holds its shape and is extremely durable. Also available in putters and midranges, the BT Hard will give you that consistent fast release you get from stiffer plastics.Try the BT Hard and increase your consistency immediately.