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Westside Discs VIP Pine Trilogy Challenge Stamp Midrange

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The Pine is a perfect combination of stability and control. It fits perfectly between Bard and Warship in Westside Discs lineup and it’ll be useful for all skill levels. Choose the Pine and stay on the fairways.

Speed: 5

Glide: 4

Turn: 0

Fade: 2


This disc comes in Westside's VIP Plastic, which is a super-durable hi-tech plastic with excellent performance. VIP plastic is transparent so you can see through it. Discs made in VIP-plastic maintain their flight characteristics and reliability for a long time. This plastic is suitable to both recreational players and pro players. Latitude Opto-plastic is more than 98% similar to Westside VIP-plastic.

**This Disc/Stamp is exactly as pictured!**