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Daddy DG Custom Whale Sac Grip Bag

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Daddy DG Whale Sac Grip Bag

A Whale Sac is a tie-on, whale-shaped grip bag filled with clay stones and powder designed to keep your hands dry and tactile so you can grip the disc. The tail easily ties on to your bag or belt loop for easy access. Grab a Whale Sac and roll it in your hands, between your fingers, and rub onto your disc for best results.


Handmade in the USA by

Tina Oakley, creator and owner of Whale Sacs and her team!


Each Whale Sac is individually bagged with a quick bio on how Whale Sacs began! 


For Best Results - Don't Pull too Tight!

Use whale tail pieces to secure whale to your bag or belt, but be cautious not to yank down on the body or you could hurt the little guy!