New & Improved Prodigy Selection!

Prodigy Disc is a unique company founded by a team of World Champion disc golfers who felt the need to develop a more consistent “golf disc” that would compete on a distance field, as well as offer a longer flight that would operate in tighter confines of a disc golf course. It took 2 years to get it right but it was worth the wait.


With over 125 years of disc golf experience and more than 25 World Titles between them, the founders of Prodigy Disc faced the challenge of producing discs that would work for all deliveries and power levels.


After 2 years of successful testing, Prodigy introduced a line of discs to the harshest critics - the highest ranked players in the world. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and they have surpassed what they set out to do. Not only have they created the most consistent and accurate long distance drivers in the game, but they have also developed and trademarked their Easy Release Technology™ that will cut back on blisters and grip lock.