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Flight Numbers:

  • SPEED Speed ratings are listed from 1 to 14. Discs with higher speed go farther with less effort.
  • GLIDE Glide range is from 0 to 7. A disc with more glide is able to better maintain loft during flight.
  • TURN High speed turn is between -5 and 1. A disc with low turn has a tendency to turn right when thrown backhand by a right-handed player.    
  • FADE Low speed fade is listed from 0 to 5. A disc with high fade has a tendency to tail off to the left at the end of the flight when thrown backhand by a right-handed player.


  • BT PLASTIC • Good grip • Not very durable • Economical $
  • VIP PLASTIC • Transparent look • Super-durable • Mid-price $$
  • VIP AIR PLASTIC • Microbubbles inside the plastic • Transparent look • Mid price $$
  • TOURNAMENT PLASTIC • Grip in all weather • Super-durable • Top of the line $$$