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Dynamic Discs Supreme Fugitive Prototype Stamped Midrange

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Dynamic Discs is proud to reintroduce the Fugitive, a popular midrange disc that has been upgraded for a superior course experience. The originally straight-flying mold now offers enhanced versatility, making it an excellent addition to the Dynamic Discs line. Crafted with NexEdge and NexFeel technologies, the Supreme Fugitive provides exceptional quality in Dynamic Discs Supreme plastic. Suitable for both novice and experienced players, the Supreme Fugitive offers a unique combination of over-stability, control, consistency, and feel, making it an excellent choice for navigating tight courses or challenging shots. This disc is sure to improve your game.


Speed: 5 Glide: 3 Turn: 0 Fade: 4


What is Supreme Plastic?
Supreme Plastic is the highest-quality plastic on the market today. Combining a soft feel, rigid rim, and perfect flex, this new plastic gives players the superior grip, durability, and comfort they deserve in all playing conditions.

No matter the weather, players can always depend on their Supreme plastic midranges and drivers to give them the advantage they need to conquer the course.

NexEdge Technology
No More Flashing!

The days of sharp flashing are over, thanks to NexEdge Technology, a disc-tooling process perfected by Latitude64. As a result, every Supreme Series disc features a smooth finish along the outer and bottom edges for maximum comfort on every throw. 
NexFeel Technology
Feeling Is Believing

Supreme feels like a dream thanks to NexFeel technology, a dynamic finishing process reserved exclusively for this premium plastic. As a result, Supreme Series discs feature the enhanced grip, optimum feel, and matchless level of flex players need when they want to perform at their best.