Discmania Metal Flake C-Line FD3 Mini Shield Stamped Fairway Driver

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These flaked out beauties are such good fliers and Discsmania had some blanks left from the European Open run so they decided to go classic and pop a Mini Shield on this limited run.

The FD3 is Discmania's true workhorse fairway driver of the overstable category. They are the Firebird of Discmania, with that a low profile, blunt nose, and concave inner rim, this is the disc to get things done. It can be trusted to handle high amounts of wind, forehand shots, thumber/tomahawk, and snappy backhand throws from even the strongest arms. Every player needs one of these in the bag for its reliability and durability.


This fundraiser release marks the very first occasion we offer FD3's produced in our new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Sweden. This particular run features tiny metal flakes infused in our durable and grippy C-line plastic. The Metal Flake C-line plastic is reserved for special occasions, so you won’t be able to find metal flake discs in our stock selection.

About this run:
Flight-wise, this Metal Flake C-line run could be described as the everyman’s FD3. It packs plenty of high speed stability and solid low-speed fade, but compared to some of the beefiest FD3 runs of the past, these tend to fly a bit more neutral. The Luster C-line FD3's of the past should provide a solid point of comparison for these for those who are familiar with that limited run from 2017.

Flight Ratings: Speed 9, Glide 4, Turn 0, Fade 3