Return Policy

We at Daddy Disc Golf will accept any item for return for any reason, so long as it is still unused (in terms of discs that means unthrown!) We do not refund shipping fees or credit card fees, and we will absolutely not issue a refund for a disc you've already thrown and then decided you did not wish to keep.


Daddy Disc Golf Return Policy:

Please contact us via email at to process your return. For locals, we will schedule a time for you to come by the shop for your refund. For shipped items, we will email you a return label for you to use directly on the packaging you received the product in. You will need to print and tape the label to the package as well as seal the package back up.

For USPS labels, your package can be dropped off at your local post office, or you can schedule a pickup online using the USPS website. For UPS labels, the package will need to be dropped off at a local UPS drop box or store. Once we receive your package back, we will review its contents and after determining that the items are indeed unused you will be issued a refund for the item(s) being returned. The refund will be less the credit card fees and all shipping costs from your order. 

In the event that USPS or UPS has damaged your item in transit we will request photographic evidence and the return process will be the same as above, except we will reimburse all shipping fees as well.