Discraft ESP Zeus Paul McBeth 6x Commemorative Distance Driver

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aul McBeth 6x ESP Zeus – Paul McBeth won his 6th World Title and has cemented himself as one of the games best players of all time. To commemorate this amazing achievement, Discraft has released a series of 6 Claw discs. This swirly ESP Zeus has a beautiful look to it and the 6 Claw stamp really pops off of the Swirly plastic. The 6 Claw Zeus is a disc that will be seen bombing on the course or on someones wall as a part of their collection. You can’t go wrong with this disc. A long distance bomber, the Discraft Paul McBeth 6x Swirly ESP Zeus is sure to be a hit!
Paul McBeth adds a second disc to his line up – the Zeus, King of the Sky! Fast, shallow, with grip for days. You’ll feel a connection to this disc as soon as it’s in your hand. From the shallow rim and perfectly shaped edge, to the soft and grippy feel of the ESP plastic, this driver will elevate high speed arms to the next level of competition. Delivering even more glide than expected.
Speed 12, Glide 5, Turn -1, Fade 3, Stability 1.9
This disc comes in Discraft's ESP Plastic. Redesigned in 2018, it features improved durability and strength, tackier grip and unique swirl color combos. Ultra-tough and outstanding grip. More durable than the X line and grippier than the Z line.