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Infinite Discs Signature Halo S-Blend Dynasty Fairway Driver

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Eric Oakley Halo S-Blend Dynasty

We're excited to kick off another year with Eric Oakley on Team Infinite with this extremely cool, signature edition Halo Dynasty! The stamp storyline continues with this beautiful 3-foil stamp that introduces the Kahn (villain) character that will combat the Ninja hero in future stamps, along with his dragon companion. Eric has had a lot of fun creating a story with his signature edition stamps, and we're excited to support him on tour in 2023 with the sales of this excellent driver.

The Dynasty is a stable fairway driver. This control driver offers enough stability to provide a consistent "S-curve" flight. Also, it can still fly most any line you would want. Making this into a highly controllable disc. All the while it can achieve good distance for beginner and advanced players alike.


This is the Signature Edition of Halo S-Blend plastic. Halo S-Blend is a collectible, decorative version of S-Blend where there is a different color in the rim than in the flight plate. It is a durable, high-quality plastic preferred by professional players and collectors alike. 

 Support Eric Oakley with this limited release!