Kastaplast Glow K3 Reko X Luke Samson 2022 Tour Series Putt & Approach

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The K1 Reko X is an overstable putt & approach disc. This workhorse shares many characteristics of the classic Reko and will add a little extra stability to your game. The Reko X has a concave wing which allows for a better grip and is great for headwinds. This putter is suitable for putts, approaches and short drives. 
Speed 3, Glide 3, Turn 0, Fade 2

K3 Glow Plastic

This is the Special Edition Josef Berg K3 Glow, the first time that Kastaplast offers a base glow plastic. A portion of each sale goes to support Josef Berg on his touring adventures. K3 Glow is some of the best base glow in the game, with brightness and longevity surpassing many premium glow plastics, but more of the wear characteristics of base plastic that make the disc easier and more consistent to throw.