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MVP Plasma Macro Tesla

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  • $9


  The Macro Tesla has proven to be a standout bomber among Macro disc golf drivers, and it's now available in beautiful candy Proton plastic!  The 15cm 80g Macro scale makes the Macro Tesla throwable for kids and grownups alike.  The translucent neon visual effects of Proton make this edition all the more appealing to throwers and future throwers.  These offer new ways to #growthesport by taking disc golf on the go, and presenting the uninitiated with an exciting object that must be flown to be believed!


This disc comes in MVP's Plasma Plastic which is made from an advanced Disc Golf Polymer. This plastic offers a semi-gummy feel because of the grippy flex polymer made from a highly durable premium blend. Players have raved about the added glide of the mildly domed Plasma material, as well as its excellent grip, flex, and visual appeal.

**Macro Discs are as pictured!!**