MVP Matrix Electron Midrange

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MVP’s Electron Matrix is a baseline plastic variant of the straight to stable midrange. The Electron Matrix flight shows less fade than the premium blends for even straighter lines with this point and shoot midrange. Electron plastic provides unparalleled grip in all conditions and seasons in more quickly than the premium plastic blends, creating gradually straighter and more understable flights. The modern low profile of the Matrix, along with the feel of Electron plastic is a match made in the disc golf heavens. Get ready for the future with the Electron Matrix!


Average powered throwers will get a healthy ending fade, while advanced power throwers will have a remarkably long straight travel before fading. The Matrix perfectly fills the role of a longer Axiom Envy.


Speed: 5 | Glide: 4 | Turn: -1 | Fade: 1.5   


This disc comes in MVP's Electron Plastic, which is in-between the SOFT and FIRM versions of this popular baseline style plastic, built for the demands of warmer weather and players who like maximum resistance in their plate.  The full range of Electron is now available in the Atom - Soft, Medium, and Firm - with all providing a great chalky feel that promotes a solid grip.  


Matrix Model Specs
Class: 13mm Midrange Driver
Weights: 160g - 177g
Diameter: 21.5cm
Rim width: 13mm
PDGA max weight: 178.5g
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