MVP Plasma Photon Distance Driver

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The Plasma Photon was a Circuit and fundraiser exclusive for 2016, and now joins the regular production lineup of Plasma plastic.  In Plasma the Photon is molded with a spectacularly low-shouldered flat top, aiding its speed potential and excellent wind resistance.  The Photon has a manageable overstability for high powered throwers, and for average throwers will be a dead simple headwind bomber.  Plasma is designed for all-weather grip in a premium plastic, not to mention its awesome visual appeal.  GYROnauts can now beam their Photons in four plastics - Neutron, Proton, Fission, and Plasma!


This disc comes in MVP's Plasma Plastic is made from an Advanced Disc Golf Polymer. This plastic offers a semi-gummy feel because of the grippy flex polymer made from a highly durable premium blend. Players have raved about the added glide of the mildly domed Plasma material, as well as its excellent grip, flex, and visual appeal.