MVP Relativity Proton Distance Driver

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The theory is to be believed, the Relativity distance driver is now available in Proton plastic! The Relativity is the most understable 24.5mm distance driver in the MVP lineup and debuts this large-rimmed class in the translucent Proton Plastic. Known for its controllable turnovers, rollers, and sky-anhyzer lines, this disc is a perfect fit with the added grip and durability of Proton. The large rim width is designed to resist unwanted turnovers while maintaining a high amount of speed and glide that stretches distance lines. Get ready to manipulate time and space with the Proton Relativity!


This disc comes in MVP's Proton Plastic which offers a premium look and performance material in transparent candy colors. This high durability plastic is designed for a long consistent life capable of withstanding the roughest conditions.