MVP Volt Electron Fairway Driver

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The original GYRO™ driver is finally available in baseline plastic - introducing the Electron Volt!  The Volt is a staple in so many bags because it can do so much, and this release adds even more to the Volt's capabilities.  The grip on an Electron Volt is everything you could hope for - tacky and firm, perfect for imperfect weather.  The Volt molds up in Electron with a mild dome, giving it a nice balance of aerodynamic speed and glide.  Throwers report the Electron Volt flying exceptionally straight and long even for a Volt, with the inevitable wear-in of Electron adding easy distance to the Volt game.  Electron Volt is the first release of a driver in Electron plastic, so pick one up and see what it can add to your game!


Volt Model Specs
Class: 18.5mm Fairway Driver
Weights: 155g - 175g
Diameter: 21.1cm
Rim width: 18.5mm
PDGA max weight: 175.1g
This disc comes in MVP's Electron Plastic, which is a High-Tech Baseline material.
  • Tactile boutique blends for superb grip
  • Designed to wear slowly with use
  • Added glide and neutral flight with wear