Discraft ESP Swirl Thrasher Missy Gannon 2021 DGPT Champion Stamped Distance Driver

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The Thrasher is a high speed driver with an easy going turn for maximum distance at lower arm speeds. 
The Missy Gannon ESP Swirl Thrasher is complete with a custom stamp commemorating Missy's 2021 DGPT Championship win.


About the Thrasher:

Double down on your firepower with Thrasher! It's very fast and understable but not flippy, allowing huge distance from slower arms yet is completely big arm friendly. It will finish on a slow hyzer in most situations, so expect some gloriously clean anhyzers with a mild finish!


  • Stability Rating: 0.4


    This disc comes in Disccraft’s ESP Plastic, which was released in 2006. It is an advanced polymer plastic that’s grippier than their Z Plastic and a higher durability than their Elite X Plastic.