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Dynamic Discs

***NEW* Dynamic Discs & Latitude 64 v1 Team Series Glimmer Lucid-x Emac Truth, Felon, Maverick, Verdict & Latitude 64 Ballista Pro

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They are here! Version 1 of 2021 Team Series discs. With a clean, timeless, and sophisticated design, these Glimmer discs look and feel great. The first release will include the Eric McCabe EMAC Truth, Eric Oakley Felon, Zach Melton Maverick, Chris Clemons Verdict, and Albert Tamm Ballista Pro. A portion of each purchase goes to support these players out on the road, so don't be shy about stocking up on them!

Lucid-X / VIP-X: A slightly stiffer plastic that results in more overstable flights.
Glimmer effect: Chameleon color shift combined with a metallic glimmer effect.


**Select from Disc & Color Options available. Weights are shown below**



Ballista Pro: 173-174g

EMAC Truth: 177-178g

Felon: 173-174g

Maverick: 173-176g

Verdict: 177-180g