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Dynamic Discs Hyrbid Moonshine Glow Warden AJ Risley V2 2021 Team Series

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Version 2 of 2021 Team Series discs have arrived and they do not disappoint. With a clean stamp and bright colors, these Hybrid Moonshine discs look and feel great. A portion of each purchase goes to support A.J. Risley out on the road, so don't be shy about stocking up on them!

Hybrid Moonshine: Hybrid is incredibly similar to Lucid plastic with some additional coloring added to give it a milky look. It is durable enough to take a beating and maintain the original flight characteristics of the disc for many rounds of disc golf. Plus it glows!


Team Series: This is a specialized fundraiser disc and proceeds from the sale will benefit Albert Tamm on his touring.


The Warden has an extremely smooth release and neutral flight, and will come out of your hand easily and fly dead straight to the chains. With more glide than the Judge, it will stay in the air longer to help deflate those high scores. 


Speed: 2

Glide: 4

Turn: 0

Fade: 0.5