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MVP BlackHole Macro Basket

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Expansion of the Black Hole® universe continues with the new Black Hole® Macro!  MVP recently introduced the first overmolded macro golf disc, the Macro Tesla, to rave reviews of its flight and form factor.  At 15cm disc diameter, GYRO™ overmolded Macro is actually throwable for kids and adults, begging the question - shall we Macro Disc Golf?  The Black Hole® Macro stands at 39" tall with an 18" diameter (99cm x 45cm) making it essentially a 3/4-scale disc golf basket!  Throwing on a basket this size feels like a sport, not a toy game or miniaturization.  With two tiers of 12 chains each, totaling 24 strands, the Black Hole® Macro will not be letting good shots past.  The form factor and construction are sourced from the familiar and trusted Black Hole® series, so you know it is produced and guaranteed to the highest standards.  There's a reason the Black Hole® baskets have taken disc golf by storm, and now MVP is ready to simultaneously create and shake up Macro Disc Golf!


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