The American Disc Golf Tour: Disc Golf On ESPN

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The American Disc Golf Tour: Disc Golf On ESPN

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the first tournament presented by The American Disc Golf Tour. It is the first time our sport has be aired on ESPN outside of the recent Sportscenter Top 10 achievements. It was broadcast live on ESPN3 Sunday, May 15th. From hooters girls on location to scores written on a dry-erase board, fans of disc golf all had something to say.

Trilogy's, Ricky "Sockibomb" Wysocki walked away with the win! Hoisting the El Guapo basket above his head much like the Champ, Ken Climo. Not sure if it has been said before but we can safely coin a new term for that action. "THE CLIMO". Whether you liked the coverage or not, I think we can agree any chance for Disc Golf to reach more fans is a good thing. Some may still not agree.

Many discers nation-wide have argued that the way this tour was managed and promoted left a bad taste in their mouths. Their choice to break away from the PDGA was a bold move as well. The Professional Disc Golf Association has long been the governing body over rules and regulations for tournament play. Most of the top players in the world were also not in attendance which takes away from the prestige of the event. 

I am very eager to see what will become of this new tour but I am glad to see more and more money being spent to promote the sport we love. Next up, the 31st annual Steady Ed Memorial Masters Cup presented by DGA. 


As always, Throw on!


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