Daddy Disc Golf 2017 Re-Cap

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Daddy Disc Golf 2017 Re-Cap

The year is nearing an end and we wanted to take a minute to recap on just how awesome 2017 was for us! This was the first FULL calendar year that Daddy Disc Golf experienced, and what an incredible year it was...

- In May, exactly one year after starting Daddy Disc Golf, we partnered with Dave Dietz in the designing of the full 18 hole Ridge 9 Disc Golf Course at the Hunt Valley Country Club. The private course was finalized in June and an Open House was held for guests and members to see the newly revitalized and absolutely beautiful Ridge 9 course, which features ball golf, foot golf & DISC GOLF!! 

- June also featured the 5th Annual Let's Throw For Tyler Together Disc Golf Tournament at Scarboro Hills. In honor of Tyler, a $5,000 donation was made to the Harford County Humane Society from funds raised at this year's tournament. This was the first time Daddy Disc Golf took the mobile shop on the road! Check out the recap video below if you haven't seen it yet!

 -In August we took the shop on the road again, for the 2017 Scarboro Scorcher. This was a sold out PDGA Sanctioned tournament hosted by the Harford County Disc Golf Club at the Scarboro Hills Disc Golf Course, which Daddy Disc Golf had the pleasure of running payouts for and selling merch. at! 

-September was all about MVP DISC SPORTS!! It started with Daddy Disc Golf visiting Michigan for GYROPALOOZA! As many of you know, I consider myself a Gyronaut, as I mainly only throw Gyro, so this was a bucket list experience for me! We met hundreds of other MVP Fans at the beautiful Marlette Golf Course. We then played a casual DG round and competed in the MVP Space Race. This trip also featured a visit at MVP headquarters where we got to meet the bros behind it all, Brad and Chad. Of course we each also walked out the warehouse with an amazing Neutron Envy with a customized stamp (by Mike Inscho and Skulboy)! For a sneak peek at what this trip was all about, check out the following recap video here:

-We also directed the first ever PDGA Sanctioned League at the Hunt Valley Country Club with Dave Dietz, which began in September and ran for 10 weeks. This presented a great opportunity for non-club members to have weekly access to the private course!

-The last weekend in September featured the FIRST tournament to be hosted by Daddy Disc Golf; the MVP Vs. AXIOM Circuit Challenge. This tournament was fun for MVP fans to get out and compete with other MVP fans, but it was also a good time to put some Gyro in new hands! (Congrats to Dave Dietz on taking the win on this one!) We had a lot of fun with everyone and are really hoping to make the MVP Circuit Challenge an annual Daddy Disc Golf Event!

-October brought to us and Dave another course designing opportunity. This time we put together a family friendly 6 hole course, featuring Baby Blue MVP Black Hole Baskets! The course is located at the Victory Street Park in Abingdon; which also features a brand new dog park, play ground and other park facilities. Here's a clip of one of those beautiful baskets!

Aberdeen - Victory Park DG Course

-Finally in November Daddy Disc Golf and our DG Partner, Dave, hosted the 2107 Fall Disc Golf Open at the Hunt Valley Country Club. We all had a great time, and are hoping they allow us back dare I say, Spring of 2018?!?! Only time will tell....


-Each month, as MVP Disc Sports has announced new discs, we've had the pleasure of creating video reviews for fans to see how the new releases fly prior to their actual release date. All of our reviews are posted to YouTube and we encourage you to follow our channel so you can stay in the loop on the latest from MVP. 


But seriously, NONE of this could have been done without our wonderful followers, so we truly owe you all a BIG Thank You!! We are so excited to see what 2018 will bring for Daddy Disc Golf and we hope you will continue to follow and support us along the way!


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