Daddy Disc Golf Beginner's Guide

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Daddy Disc Golf Beginner's Guide

If disc golf is new to you, or if you just want to brush up on things a bit, this post is for YOU!

This is the Daddy Disc Golf Beginner's Guide, which includes everything you need to know if you are new to the sport of Disc Golf. We all have to start out as the newb, better to get a general idea of things beFOREHAND (pun intended, you will get that joke later) - so check out these resources we've pulled together for all the beginners out there!


All Things Disc Flight

Dynamic Discs created this informative youtube video to explain the basics of disc flight and it is a great watch for every beginner: 


Common Mistakes

Dynamic Discs list of top 5 common beginner mistakes:


Putting Tips

Learn the difference between a Spin Putt & Push Putt from Chris Clemons:

We'll leave the putting tips up to Simon:


Course Courtesy

Courtesy rules are so important! Here's a quick list to follow:
  • Remain silent and avoid all unnecessary movements while someone is throwing 
  • Always stand behind the player who is throwing until their throw is completed.
  • Retrieve your disc after its lands in the basket 
  • Allow faster groups to "play through" whenever possible. 
  • Pack it in, pack it out - DO NOT LEAVE TRASH
  • Do not alter the course in any way, other than removing debris
  • If you find a disc with a name and number - do your part to return it to it's rightful owner - karma may help you get a lost disc of your own back!
  • Respect other players and help Grow The Sport

Disc Selection

So you are ready to make your first disc purchase but aren't sure where to start?
Here's what Innova suggests: Resist the temptation to try lots of different discs, especially high speed discs. Concentrate on learning to throw two or three lighter weight discs until you develop a feel for throwing golf discs. Some excellent Innova disc choices for new players are: 
  • Aviar, Leopard, Polecat, Manta, Stingray, Skeeter, & Mamba  
From Trilogy we recommend trying some of the following:
  • Deputy, EMAC Truth, Escape, Diamond, Jade, Renegade, River, Sapphire 
From MVP, Axiom, Streamline we suggest:
  • Crave, Drift, Inspire, Pilot, Proxy, Relay, Spin, & Signal 
From Discraft these are some great beginner discs:
  • AvengerSS, Buzzz, Comet, CrankSS, Heat, Magnet, & Roach 
The Discmania lineup also offers a few discs perfect for beginners:
  • DD, Evolution Line Essence, FD, Active Line Magician, & Sensei 

Still have questions? Reach out - we are here to help!

You can send us a message through the website, on facebook/instagram or send us an email at - We are here and happy to help!


  • David

    Cool site….
    Raptors Roost Disc Golf , Virginia


    These tips are helpful! I hope beginners will apply them. No one starts as a pro, we all go through the process of learning as a beginner. It should also come to our knowledge which disc golf disc is perfect.

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