Daddy Disc Golf Official Review of Axiom Panic & MVP Dimension

Daddy Disc Golf Official Review of Axiom Panic & MVP Dimension

We are back again today with two NEW RELEASES from MVP HQ. One is a 23mm distance driver from Axiom (Panic) and the other is a 24.5mm distance driver from MVP (Dimension). Both of these molds are debuting in Neutron plastic. 


The first thing that immediately stands out to me from the discs MVP sent was the amazing swirls in the plastic of the Panic. This is the Neutron plastic but had swirls unlike any MVP/Axiom Disc I have ever seen. Cannot wait to see what these all look like!

Panic: This disc is an amazingly reliable overstable distance driver. If you want those huge flex shot lines that will fight back, the Panic the tool for the job. This thing was slicing through the wind without a care in the world. 

Dimension: This disc is a very fast overstable addition to the MVP lineup. If you were getting a little too much turn out of your teleport, this is the disc that can help you. I personally like the way the 24.5mm class rims feel in my hand but I have been told smaller hands may not find them ideal. 

Get all these discs and more 7/21/17! Preorder yours now at


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